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Uva Highlands from Harney and Sons

This is a lovely high-grown Ceylon Pekoe from Uva. Thus it is small leaves that produce an intense tea. It is bright and brisk, with a hint of spice. It is guaranteed to pick you up on a dull afternoon. It can handle milk and sugar with aplomb.

A friend sent me a surprise package of teas. This is one of them. I have been staying away from orange pekoe teas because I associate it with Lipton which I find nearly undrinkable. But this is very nice, and is indeed fine with cream and sugar.


Believe it or not, Lipton is considered a good tea out here. I mean, you won't find it in a real tea house or tea store, but it's on the higher end in the supermarket and is often served in fancy restaurants. Yes, in the tea bag. (We have one local very good Japanese restaurant that serves Japanese tea all through dinner and then with dessert brings out a Western-style teacup full of ho)t water and with a tea-bag, though I don't think that particular place uses Lipton.

PS. I still don't understand why; it's not like there aren't options. They *grow* tea here.

Edited at 2009-02-20 01:19 pm (UTC)
living in the south, I've given up totally ordering hot tea here. Everywhere has iced tea, and mostly it is brewed, and mostly, alas, it is Lipton. I don't understand why this is either.
CS makes an orange pekoe also, and that is very very nice. :-)

I'd given up on pekoes as well

until I tried Holy Mountain's Lichee Congou last year. It blew me away so much that I actually bought a quarter pound of it. That's a HUGE package when it comes to their loose tea, and I'm still working on it.

I am thinking of ordering a Yunnan Flowery Orange Pekoe. Holy Mountain also has a much more expensive Kairbetta Estate Frost SFTGBOP ("special fancy tippy golden broken orange pekoe") but apparently that has the typical astringency of the Indian pekoes. I suspect that one of the reasons I like the Lichee Congou is that it ISN'T astringent. I'm also really intrigued by its description as "orange pekoe leaves accompanied by a profusion of fat golden buds" and as having a spicy aromatic flavor. YUM!


I sound like a foppish little old man when I write about tea, don't I?

Re: Damn!

no, you sound like a toadally reasonable tea-a-holic to me!