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The Pliocene Exiles

So, having watched the end of BSG and having thought, my god, they stole that from Julian May, I'm re-reading, for possibly the tenth time, the books. And this time, don't ask me how I got them because I will not reveal my secret sources, I have an ebook edition of them.  I have two full hardcover sets of them, bought at two different times when I thought I'd lost, or loaned out, the first set, but having the ebooks is .... wonderful.

I'm making notes tied to the actual ebook page as I read through it, pointing out the parts where a certain personage is mentioned, or his rebellion is mentioned, and I am amazed how she weaves that stuff throughout the novels. When you don't know what's coming, you might note some of them, some being more pointed than others, but when you do know...

I have to admit, there are only a few books I'm this obsessed with. Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, and Julian May's Pliocene Saga and the Galactic Milieu related series.

Both authors have created immensely complex main characters (Marc not appearing in person in the Pliocene Exile quartet until quiet far into the series). 

Sam, in Lord of Light, and Marc in Julian May's works, are complex in that they are definitely not 'good guys'.  Instead they both use and abuse friends and foes, working toward something only they recognize.   In Marc's case, he is painted as absolutely evil. The 6 books of the entire cycle show him as something far more fascinating than just a sci fi version of Hannibal Lecter.

Anyway, highly recommended reading, obviously.


Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light

I have that too...
My policy when my daughters were young was the same as my mother's policy with me: they could read what they liked, though I might say "you'll get more out of it when you're older".

The only time either of them had any kind of an adverse reaction was when No. 2 read the Pliocene Saga. It gave her nightmares. Not for any reason you might expect: she freaked at the idea of telepathy. Otherwise fine, though she did say she could have done with more of the other characters being more three-dimensional.
how interesting! and that she found the characters not drawn well. something about the whole series obviously speaks clearly to me, anyway.
OMG... knew I liked you!
I have a set my stepfather brought home from England in the 80s. He must have picked them up while traveling for work. I have re read them more than any other books I own.

I am currently reading Peter Hamiltons "The Temporal Void" book two of a series he is doing. I think I am enjoying them for many of the same reasons, although the characters seems a little shallower.
I haven't read Peter Hamilton. I'll have to look at his books now. As if my TBR pile needs additions... sigh. And what am I reading? LOL.

Still, no matter how often I read the Exile Saga I find so much more in it...