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New Years Resolutions

1. Drink more water. Although, truthfully, no one has still explained to me
convincingly why putting tea leaves in water reduces its efficacy.

2. Read more. And keep a list of books read here. Okay, I do read quite a
bit, but in spurts. I'm going to be more organized about it (Inner voice:
Yeah, right. You organized!! Hah!)

3. Write more. I used to write fiction every day. I need to get back to
doing that. It's healthy for me. Far healthier than reading the news which
merely serves to raise my blood pressure.

4. Uhm... No idea. Maybe I'll think of more later.


Re: Drinking water without tea leaves

Hey Paul,

Yeah, I know all the words, but it still seems weird to me. But hey, that's just me.

Re: Drinking water without tea leaves

Hi Em,
Don't worry, drink happy. Drink what you like as long as you are feeling okay. Not everyone has this habit/trait/twist to drink a lot of water.
(Did you know I started my own little LiveJournal here?)