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Confirmation We're Terrorists

Oh, great. Just great. Thanks you folks who voted for the Idiot in Charge.



You know, a lot of people voted for this idiot because they felt that the other idiot was an even bigger idiot. And some of us felt that voting for either idiot was a travesty, and found our own idiot to vote for. The system was designed to ensure that only idiots would find themselves in charge, the idea being that they'd hurt themselves long before they could become a threat to anyone else. Alas and alack, the idiots discovered that they could bend the power of government to suit their needs, and found that they could pretty well use it however the hell they wanted. As Mencken said, the kind of person who believes that the government should enact and enforce his programs is the person whose ideas are idiotic.

Now, of course, I've forgotten where I was going with this...
Yes, I've heard this argument many times in my lifetime. Everyone's an idiot (except me and thee and I'm not so sure about thee).

So that makes any decisions regarding anything totally worthless. I shouldn't apply logic, figure out who would be more sane or more rational or who would be better for my country or the world.

Why vote at all then?

I thought I was supposed to be the anarchist? ;-)
Now you've got it! Or to put it another way, don't vote, it only encourages them.

I knew I was a good influence on you...