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Tim Tebow

bite my atheist arse... I'll never cheer for the bloody Florida Gators again.  What is it with using sports as a way to be thoroughly obnoxious, lecture people, and claim god is only on your side?

Tebow embraces being the most famous player on a team that has a chance to win its second straight national title and third during his career. He says the attention can be tough, but that it also gives him a platform to spread his Christian faith.

“Although there has been a backlash, oh well,” Tebow said. “I’ll deal with it if I have to. It’s not a big deal to me because of the kids and the people that have been encouraged by the stories that we have had to tell and the life I’ve tried to live.”

Yes, Christian kids cheer. Of course no one else's beliefs or non-beliefs are due one iota of respect.... Because we must be saved!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick to death of poor put-upon Christians who think we all should shut up and stop complaining when they want to evangelize us.  How dare we object!
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some snarky queries, because I'm not sure what he's doing wrong....

So is he handing out Bibles like candy to the people who come to the games? Or insisting that everyone be "saved" before being allowed into the stadium? Or making everyone in the stadium pray with him before the game?

That would be imposing his beliefs upon everyone in an unfair way. But saying in a press conference that he's a Christian and he is happy that people know who he is and what he stands for (i.e., "the life I've tried to live") is not doing that imho. I would feel the same way if the next guy featured said he was a Buddhist and that he was trying to live his beliefs while playing a good game. Or if someone said he didn't believe -- though that would probably not come up as much, given the rarity of actual out-there religious discussion in the sports world.

Re: some snarky queries, because I'm not sure what he's doing wrong....

He is the son of missionaries and is a missionary himself (so he claims). I frankly don't care what he does or what he believes. But I turn on football to watch football, not to see him leading a prayer service on the sidelines.

Re: some snarky queries, because I'm not sure what he's doing wrong....

But is it his fault if the tv crew chooses to show that?