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Good on Them!

Sadly, I find myself often saying bad things about Christians and particularly their churches. Well, guess what? I'm breaking my habit here and now.

On a personal note, let me say that until I was 12 I was raised in a United Lutheran Evangelical church. I was taught compassion and understand, not hatred and discrimination. I was raised to believe Jesus loved everyone, no matter what and we should too.

Then we moved. The only Lutheran church near our new home was Lutheran Missouri Synod. I hated it. Despised it. They taught fire and brimstone and said how everyone other than them was going to Hell. I stopped going to church and turned my back on Religion, well, at least organized Religion, and Christianity in particular at that point in my life.

So, when I saw this article it made me smile. I remember my sweet pastor who was the kindest person I ever met (although maybe his wife was more so). And I think he'd be overjoyed by this.

Accept Love