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The Weekend

It was busy, but the weather was fabulous. Except that it's gotten warm enough here we had to turn the air conditioning on for the first time this year. The good part of that was I actually got a good night's sleep, despite the Night Jars mouthing off in the tree outside the bedroom. For anyone who doesn't know, Night Jars are nocturnal birds, belonging to the class Goat Suckers (I have meaner names for them when they mouth off at midnight and keep me awake until 3am). Whipporwills are in this class of bird.

Anyway, sunny and beautiful. Jim fished on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday he caught a 27 1/2 inch redfish, which meant he had to throw it back (too big to keep, slot limit being 18 to 27 inches) Damn. Redfish are great eating. Sunday he was luckier. After playing with a medium sized Jack Cravelle (not good for eating but fun to play) he hooked and landed a 24 inch redfish and we had him for dinner! Yum.

I spent Saturday in class. We're doing our twice yearly training session for the local hotline. Good class but hard on me seeing how beautiful it was outside and us stuck inside. But I did have the lid off the DelSol (my car) so enjoyed the trip to the class and home.

Sunday I worked in the morning, then sat around outside admiring my flowers in the afternoon. They all seem to be doing well at this point, which is easy enough. We'll see how they do when it gets hotter.

Lots of tiny tiny grapes forming on the grapevine, the problem is how to keep them for us! Between the birds and the possums... Yes, we have possums here.

No alligator reports regarding the bayou... at least at the moment....

Hope ya'll had a great weekend too.