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The Hubble - The REST of the Story ....

...as a certain thoroughly obnoxious asshole always says:

Well, it turns out the government isn't cutting the funding for the Hubble
to show how libertarian it is, but instead it is using it to... Wait for

"to reorient NASA's priorities toward President Bush's "Vision for Space
Exploration" to the moon and Mars."

Ah, that's a much more libertarian plan to use the people's money, don't you
think? Just think how many more corporations can get handouts for this
boondoggle. Why, it'll be almost as sure to fail as the Missile Defense
Shield, and look how many billions of the people's money got funneled into
the pockets of Republican donors on that feeble excuse for a program! We're
still building that one and not one single test has been successful!

Hooorayyyy! More fur coats and ten-gallon hats in Washington!!! Yay!!!



The truly libertarian response would, of course, be to sell NASA to the highest bidder and let someone else be in charge of shelling out the corporate welfare. Ted Turner could always sell half of Montana and buy it himself, perhaps with help from the Kerry-Heinzes and the aforementioned Uncle George. Maybe John Edwards would be willing to pledge his share of the proceeds from his first big Vioxx case to help the cause. And, let's not forget the crowd in Hollywood...can you imagine Anna Nicole on Mars? It'd be a trip home for her...