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Freedom is On the March

Hey, with guns or with raw power, we really show folks how we stand up for
our ideals, don't we.



Uh-huh, evidently Bush&co value freedom so highly that they want to restrict it to an elite few...
principly american, rich, white male republicans.

oh, and it defitly looks like Iran is next, of course, we know they have Nuculear WMD's and I can't help worrying that should Bush send in the troops, they'll be happy to provide pleanty of evidence of their existence.
Well, i see your government is finally standing up to BushCo. I've seen reports that official papers say the UK will not support military action against Iran.

Not being reported in the US press that I can find, but I've seen it on international news wires.

Better late than never, I guess. So long as they don't back down on their stance.
it's election year over here, and the war on terror thing hasn't been going down well here.

What'll probably happen is Tony will hold off committing to the war until after he's re-elected. Not that there's any doubt about it, but it's always best to have as mnay seats as you can, then you can ram any legestation through taht you want.

No, Tony will hold off, using his reluctance to jocky for a better barginning position as a vassel state. Then sign up at the end of this year or the beginning of 2006.

But he'll suck up to Bush eventually, in his position he can't do anything other than.

Assuming that Iran's nuclear program isn't further along than suspected and your troops don't end up as toast. [Goddess forbid!]
I do not recall how often he mentioned the word 'freedom' in his inaugural speech. After reading all this, it was a few times too many, I am sure... :(