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What have I ever done to anyone

to deserve having George Michael (Guilty Feet) stuck in my head?

Don't answer that.


Perhaps God is giving you a "dope slap" upside your head?

God and I are not on speaking terms.

Julian, the blond tied to the portcullis gate
While you may not be speaking to God, I am sure that He has not forgotten you and - frankly - it looks like His sense of humor has taken over.

I know I would not want George Michael tap dancing around my brain!

BTW - SOMEBODY says it doesn't count if you are tied to the portcullis gate unless you are soaking wet and wearing a white poet's shirt!

I confess. I've never once in my long life been tied to a portcullis gate, naked, or poet-shirted.

I blew the damn portcullis gate to atoms and everything that was behind it too.

Ah, the good old days...
Julian, dear,

Try having some other music at 11, that should blow the man right out of your head. Really. (Though my scribe is listening right now to Lux Radio Theater's presentation of "Hitler's Children", the hit movie of 1942....)
I'll play it for you, if you'd like.