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Lovers and Other Strangers

All right, so here's the situation. I'm a wraith stuck between life and death, and one day I find the Telegraph. My former girlfriend contacts me and offers to help me get back into a body.

She pulls this off most gloriously, although I WAS trying for tall dark and handsome, dammit. So anyway, I return in this taller, darker (well, the blond is golden now rather than platinum and the eyes are deeper blue rather than nearly colourless and the skin is a healthy tan rather than dead fish white), all parts are working as she and I tested everything out. So there I am, confused (hey, I lost a half of myself) living in her house. Okay, I was mooching. But hey, I was providing great sex.

We seemed to be happy, well, as happy as I ever am, and then, one day, the lady's ex-husband shows up. Now this guy is more ex than most, since he's been dead for a thousand years, but hey, who am I to complain.

The lady explains she has to take care of the guy. I'm a gentleman (oh, hush) so I agree. Then, one morning I wake up, the lady is gone, the ex is gone, only me and the butler and the cat to rattle around in the house. No note, no nothing.

But hey, I've had problems before, especially with ex-lovers, so I'm cool. I eventually get tired of rattling around in her old dusty house (especially as it is especially depressing when I'm there alone, by myself) so I decide to open up one of my own houses.

So, after months and months of trying to adjust to being without her, left in the lurch, deserted in favour of another man (rejection is my friend), suddenly, out of the blue she turns back up on the Telegraph. Pretty much like nothing whatever has happened.

But hey, I'm cool, you know? I say hey and let it go at that. She says hey back. Then, of all things, she apologizes. So like, here I am, okay with her deciding to stick with the old man and not the new lover. And she's now, like, writing to me using her nickname.

So, whatdaya think I oughta do? I mean, I'm at a loss here guys....


Well, Julian, you could come visit me in my little hovel in England. I am sure that between the two of us we could make you forget the lady. Or perhaps not. But it would be fun trying it, wouldn't you say?
hmmmmm..... tempting..tempting....
I'm trying to figure out who you're talking about, hon.

Nimue, sweetie. Nimue.