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Who Dat???????????

'Who Dat?' is one of the traditional cheers and jeers Saints fans use. IIRC, it began back when we were hiding our faces under paper bags (yes, truly, we did - fans sat in the bleechers watching the game with paper bags over their heads with just cut outs for their eyes).

The other traditional cheer for the Saints is 'Geaux Saints!' Geaux being a made-up French/Cajun/Creole word that was probably used to cheer on the Louisiana State University Tigers first, then migrated to use with the Saints.

Anyway, all that is about me still sitting here in wonder that my New Orleans Saints football team ins 11-0. Last night they met the New England Patriots in the Dome (homefield for the Saints).

The place, needless to say was rocking. And the Saints did not disappoint. They actually dismantled the Patriots and had them confused and on their heels nearly from the first few plays.

Even the announcers, who tend to dismiss the Saints as inconsequential and Drew Brees the quarterback as okay but nothing special, were astonished at the ease with which the Saints scored against a well-respected and talented team. AND, the Saints still are missing quite a few of their A-Team defensive players, who are out with injuries.

So today I am a happy happy fan, and ... GEAUX SAINTS!


Congratulations. :-{
Tom Brady & Bill Belichick looked genuinely lost as time ran out, the Patriots got pwnd in every phase of the game. I'm a Vikings fan so this seasons NFC teams are looking pretty impressive.
Who dat? We dat...rofl..or at least we were. Le'sigh...or not so much these last few weeks.