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Sony 600 Touch

My brand new ebook reader arrived yesterday between downpours in a rented truck. Fed Ex was apparently having their problems.

Anyway, several things so far:

It is, overall, almost identical in size to the PRS-505.  It is a bit thinner than the 505, and a bit lighter.

I've seen some folks say that the touch screen makes the grey-scale not as crisp or sharp. I do not see it when I put the two of them together. The sharpness and contrast is nearly identical, or at least as like as much that it makes no difference for reading them.

I really like that Sony did away with the round controls and put smaller buttons on the front.  You don't have to use the touch feature to read, instead there is a small bar to press for paging through a book.

And this version gives you more options for text size than the last. The 505 gave you 3 size options, the Touch has five.

Reading screen is nearly identical in size to the 505.

This version solves the one issue I miss most about reading ebooks on a PDA.  I can now take notes on an ebook.  I haven't messed with the feature yet, but it looks to be much the same as with a PDA.

I'll report in again as I get used to it.
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