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New Roof!

Pics of the new roof, cut for those who don't give a crap:

Old FEMA roof:
title or description

New roof on same side
title or description

New roof on water side of house (the color looks different, I know. It appears to be a function of the way the sun hits the metal)
title or description


And a lovely new roof it is, too!

I am glad you got your roof and so soon, too. I know people down this way who are still waiting for contractors for roofing, pool cages, windows and even houses. Heck - Sanibel Island just finished hauling the debris from Charley off the island this week!

I do not ever remember it taking so long to recover from ice storms and blizzards as it seems to take to recover from hurricanes.

Hurricanes supposedly hit this part of Florida every 30 to 40 years or so ... I guess that means I may be lucky enough not to be around for the next one!
Oh, I know. We still have debris awaiting pick up here too, and many many folks still have FEMA roofs, including our neighbor right next door. He had a contract for a new roof before Ivan hit, and he's still waiting. For once we got lucky.
and just think, with a metal roof you should be safe from lightening too...
The new roof looks really nice. Congratulations on finally getting it. :-)