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What's one more war?

So, they've ruined our army and marines, got us bogged down so badly we
can't find enough soldiers to give those in Iraq and Afghanistan a break and
bring them home, we're already rattling war drums toward Iran and Syria,
What more could we do, to prove we're total fucking idiots?


Rice warns Russia on democracy


Jesus H. Christ. How did we end up with these lunatics in power?

Don't answer that.


Try this site for an answer to the question you don't want answered.
But John, "we" didn't lose. The country lost.
In your opinion.
Ah.. I see....
Yeah, that makes sense actually.
First Afganistan, then Iraq, to secure the oil fields and the terminals there. Then having surrounded Iran, they take that out, ensuring a secure path for the oil pipeline.

Then they take on Russia giving them a clear run up to Siberia and the single largest oil reserves on the planet.

Game Over. America wins.