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Dog Blogging - Aspen

Aspen's family moved away and didn't want to take her. We took her in about a year and a half ago. She's six, and has her papers, a purebred Lab

Aspen Aspen


Awww ... what a sweet puppy!

She should get together with Jenna. Jenna is a golden retriever who, also, belonged to a family that moved away. The woman who owned Jenna worked with my sister-in-law and since both of my brother's dogs had just died, she wondered if Jeff and Carol would take Jenna. Didn't have to ask them twice!

I do not like dogs but I love her! Jenna is such a sweetie. She is on a first-name basis with the lady at Dunkin Donuts who also is a golden retriever lover. And Jenna is afraid of the cats! She could chomp those little brats in two with one chomp, yet she is terrified of them. Well ... okay ... those cats can be a bit terrifying ... but still!

Puppy talk ... what a nice subject for a somewhat lazy Sunday morning!