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Morality Springs from Religion

Ex-Priest Convicted Of Raping Altar Boy


Georgia Preacher Found Guilty in Church Scam

Prosecutors said Kennard claimed his company was developing Christian resorts around the country. He told preachers that for a fee of a few thousand dollars, their churches could be "members" of his company. In return, he promised that in time the churches would get a grant or a forgivable loan of up to $500,000.

Kennard's brother, LaBoyce, was also found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Prosecutors said he accepted more than $360,000 from his brother.

The guy's rebuttal: ""It's not a law against riding in a Cadillac if you don't want to ride in a Volkswagen," Kennard, who represented himself, said in his opening remarks."

Quote from letter sent to members of Focus on the Family:
"...no matter how many ballot measures we pass, no matter how many constitutional amendments we support, no matter how many God-fearing and God-honoring women and men are elected and appointed to public office, until the hearts of the people change, we will not turn around this culture and restore our Biblical foundations..."