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Primary Voting

Yesterday was voting day for a Republican primary to replace the crook who was our State Representative (He resigned to avoid an ethics inquiry and is already under indictment for federal and state crimes).  It surprised me, in that it actually turned out to be competitive and got far more folks out to vote than I'd expected.  We had HOPED for 200 at the precinct, but instead got 353, which was about a 20-25% turn-out rate (which does not include those who voted absentee and who early voted).  So our precinct did pretty well.

We had a couple of glitches, but no show-stoppers. Voters were mostly courteous and pleasant with the usual one or two exceptions. Invariably they are folks who demand they should have a ballot but who either are registered the wrong party, or were ineligible because they lived in a precinct not voting.

Trying to explain the mess that is redistricting and how district lines are drawn by self-protecting politicians is neigh onto impossible.

Anyway, despite having more voters than expected, and having tons of great food brought in by fellow poll workers, I managed to get quite a bit of reading done, and got a lot of folks asking about my Sony Reader. Hope I made a few converts :-)

Also, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld is a terrificly different take on steampunk!  I'm half way through and already know I'll have to buy book two in the series when it is released in the fall!