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;Last evening, just before sunset, Jim and I were sitting on the upper deck. It had been threatening to storm earlier, but had suddenly cleared up a bit and surprisingly the humidity had dropped and the gazillions of mosquitoes had moved on to other prey.

We generally look east, as that is the best view of open water (and the dolphins had been out there earlier with their little ones again) - west is down the bayou which is fairly narrow and blocked by trees, houses and docks.

At any rate, with the sunset behind us we were treated to a double rainbow. It was really brilliant as the sun got low on the horizon. The second rainbow was very faint most of the time, but when the full rainbow became almost neon with brilliance the second one was quite beautiful too.

I know, I know. It is an extremely tough life living on the bayou. But, you know, someone has to do it.