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Words and Triggers are... interesting.

So someone objected to me saying "F*ck you Obama."

That is how I wrote it. I did not put the U in there.

I might have said "Frak you Obama" which I suppose she might not have objected to, although it means exactly the same thing as the original.

I need to learn the German, Polish, Swedish and French equivalents so next time I can use that and not offend anyone but still be saying exactly the same thing.  Wait. The French word for sh*t is totally worthless, it doesn't sound nearly as harsh and angry as it should, definitely not like the English and German versions. So maybe I don't want the French version?  Hmmm.

On a slightly different note, I just filled out forms to renew my and the spousal unit's passports.  There's a relationship there somewhere. Oh, right. I have to get pictures. Frack that.


Klingon is good for swearing in..and there's on-line translators of it.

Edited at 2010-04-27 10:25 pm (UTC)
Oh squee! I finally have an opportunity to use this icon (they are so very far and few between).


She'll get glad again. To heck with her.

And I second the Klingon translation!