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Attempted Pelican Rescue


We found a mature brown pelican sitting in the neighbor's yard, just on the
other side of our fence. We called the local animal rescue and are awaiting
a return call. However, when Jim walked down our decking to toward the
pelican, he flew, low but okay, across the bayou and is now sitting on top
of a boathouse there.

When you find a pelican sitting on the ground here, s/he is almost certainly
hurt, or tangled in fishing line, or something. Maybe he flew into the
house while we were out (went out for breakfast) and knocked himself silly.
No idea, really. But at least he's well enough to fly a ways. We'll still
report it to the rescue folks just in case.


I hardly ever see a pelican here, they are not feeling fine here I guess. Often a heron does fly though. That is nice to see. :-)
We have lots of pelicans. When we first moved here they were almost extinct from these shores because of contamination from pesticides that flowed into the Gulf waters down the Mississippi and other rivers. That pesticide made their egg shells too soft and therefore they couldn't raise any hatchlings.

Now that much of that has been cleaned up - for now, at any rate - the pelican population has grown to nearly normal here.

We also have many herons here. Great Blues are here nearly all the time - not many of them though. We also have green herons which are quite small and hard to catch a gimpse of since they are quite shy. We seldom have the white herons or egrets here though. They generally seem to prefer fresh water rather than our brackish to salt water.

We also have other sea birds, some of which come only for the winter, like the loons, the hooded mergansers, blue bills, buffleheads, and a few others. The loons always make the bayou sound so eerie with their calls. They don't look like most people expect them to though, because they have a winter coat that is a sort of dull brownish.