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Lift Stations and all That

Well, yesterday the lift station (this is to raise sewage from a lower
level up to street level) quit working. Luckily I saw the water pouring out
of the overflow pump first thing. Also luckily what was pouring out was
laundry water rather than something far nastier.

So today Jim is staying home to try to figure out what is wrong. It could be
electrical, or it could be that he'll have to dig the thing up and replace
the pump, or whatever. sigh.

The good news is that this happened before he left for California for a
month's training and he therefore has the time to figure it out and get it
working. If he'd been gone, there is no telling how much it would have cost
to get it fixed by someone I'd have to pay dearly for.

Other than that, how's everybody's morning.


Wow, you had quite a surprise ready this morning.
Mine was cold (35F), way too early (5:30am) and generally unpleasant to start (going to work again, walking through cold wind and rain from the carpark).
The rest of the morning was okay. It was just most of the afternoon that got to me a little.