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absinence continued.

"It is a nightmare,", said Souder. "Can't believe it is happening. But it is best for Diane and I, who love each other and have a firm foundation to build upon."

Can't believe it is happening. What the heck did he expect?  He had no clue what it would mean if he got found out having an affair when he was running as a 'family values' Republican???????????????

They are insane, I tell you, insane!


Also problematic grammatically (should be "it is best for Diane and me.")
some ppl seem to be under the delusion that if you say 'she and I' that makes you sound more edumacated. Altho since Republicans seem to be on a jihad to destroy the educational system in the US, maybe they have another reason to use it?
I'm betting that he never got any further than trying to image getting caught, and failing... so he never got to consequences.
Another proud moment in Indiana politics. We seem to be having so many of them lately.