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Catching Up

;The fishing report for this weekend included no new pictures. Jim was out of town (in LA) until late Saturday afternoon so he could only go fishing Sunday morning. And the fact that he loaded the boat, got everything ready and took off to his favourite fishing hole at the crack of dawn, only to arrive there and realize he'd left the poles home didn't improve his temper.

So, he motored back, got the poles, dropped off Molly who'd decided it was breakfast time and to hell with going back out fishing with dad, and then headed back out, feeling a bit foolish. He had a few hits, but the few fish he actually caught were too small to keep.

We spent Sunday afteroon and evening getting things ready for him to go out of town again this morning, this time to Las Vegas for a site survey which means shorts and tees and sweat bands, for this time of the year in the desert. Ugh.

As for me, I've been working a bit more than usual, taking extra shifts since he was out of town.

Also went on a short roadtrip with a friend up to the View (Crestview, FL) to check out a nursery she'd found a couple of weeks ago. It is huge and very nice but as it was 95 degrees and humid as crap we didn't spend all that much time in the green houses or even in the open areas. Too hot and miserable and even the plants were looking tired out from the heat already.

This morning saw Jim off, and even entrusted him with my iPod. I told him not to come home if anything was wrong with it - or, alternatively, he could bring me a brand new mini iPod (blue). His choice. He also took the digital camera to use for the site survey. I pointed out that it would be nice if the government bought its own damn digital camera.... Well, at least I have my PDA. Toy withdrawal!!

So, I'm off work (just finished my shift) and am considering pizza for dinner. Hmm. That'll give me enough leftovers for lunches the entire time he's gone. Sounds like a plan....