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This and That

So Jim's been working on getting the lift station working, especially since
he leaves a week from today for California. He'll be there for 6 weeks,
taking two classes on the radar equipment he and his team have been testing.
This training was supposed to take place last year, but the company
developing the radar was having so much trouble with the testing phase they
kept backing it up.

As for the lift station, well, he's replaced several bits of it and it is
now back under ground and seems to be working. Since it is attached to the
washing machine, the dishwasher and the kitchen sink, I'm a bit concerned
about it working whilst he's gone. Gee, can't imagine why!

Today it is beautiful and quite warm for February here. Sunny, the breeze
is nice, and the water and sky are blue and endless. Sigh. This is the
weather we live in Florida for!

Jim had the honor of a colonscopy on Friday. Everything (forgive me) came
out fine. The drugs they used this time compared to last time were much
much better. He was coherent and alert immediately after he woke up. Well,
let me think about that. He still was ordered not to use power tools or
drive, so I spent most of the day Friday driving him around all hell's
creation for bits for the lift station, to pick up meds for him to take to
California, etc, etc. And they talk about women liking to shop. Hah!

We're planning a quiet afternoon and evening, and Jim is off tomorrow so I
guess he'll still be able to putz around here some more. He's working on
replacing the stairs we lost to the deck above the boat lift. He's got a
platform in place to break the stairs up and incidentally get them over the
fencing. He's still planning the rest of that but he really doesn't have
enough time to finish that project before he leaves next Sunday.

As for me, I've been reading Barrayar, doing a little writing, and have got
a mucho serious case of spring fever. I've been drooling over the Jackson
and Perkins catalog (not to mention Gardeners Supply) and dying to get my
hands in the dirt. I keep reminding myself we ALWAYS have a serious frost
the first or second week in March and I can't do too much until after that.
Still.. I'm planning a trip over to the nursery (just a couple of miles
away, alas) to do some serious considering of how to repair the back garden
that Ivan destroyed (some of the day lilies survived but not much else -
although I see a hint of verbena in one corner). Still, that gives me a
chance to redo it! Always a silver lining, ain't there!