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The Incredible Depths of our Discourse

This ad is currently running on the American Spectator on the web.

The AARP is made up of people over 50 (although I understand younger folks
can now join). Everyone gets a personal invitation to join once they reach
the ripe age of 50. Most folks do join because they offer discounts on
things like hotel rooms and air flights. The organization is not active
about anything but issues revolving around social security. Every single
veteran US military person I know is a member. Every single veteran who
supports George Bush is a member.

The AARP were on the side of the "angels" last year when they supported
Bush's budget buster giveaway to Drug Companies otherwise referred to as the
prescription drug bill. But now they are against privatization of Social
Security so they are to be smeared. By the same group that ran Swift Boat
attacks on John Kerry during the recent election.

Thank you folks who elected Rove's front man. I cannot express how
disgusted I am with this attempt to call senior citizens not only part of
the "vast homosexual agenda" but also traitors to their country.


I can't see the ad -- could you check the link? Tx, Cally
Try this:


I understand the add has now been pulled because they had so much negative feedback but many folks have the screenshot. Especially see

Josh has it if you still can't see it here.
I certainly hadn't planned on joining. They don't have anything I want and spend their time attempting to perpetuate that which should have been done away with years ago. Karl Rove (i.e. James Carville with hair) had nothing to do with that decision.