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  • 01:01 my tweets: latest02:20 my tweets: latest06:33 #oilspill Our county just closed our waters to swimming due to hundr... bit.ly/bozrMv #
  • 09:00 Just want to say that the thought of the Romance Genre adopting #steampunk makes me queasy - and not in a good way #
  • 09:30 An article on how our county is acting on lessons learned from other #oilspill state and local decisions tinyurl.com/28fztcx #
  • 11:53 #oilspill local: Destin Pass closed w/ tide 2 reduce amt of oil from entering inland waters. Boom deployed at flood tide & removed at ebb . #
  • 12:02 : 12:03
    : 12:07 @JokersGal good god the man is really a shill, isn't he? # 13:32 my congress critter just made me ... bit.ly/9oTM2p #
  • 13:18 @dakiwiboid Yeah, I know. But now it's a big thing. Sigh. I despise their wimpy women who give up everything so a man can take care of them. #
  • 13:46 Baylee keeps warning me about DANGER! outside: two balloons the neighbor's grandkids have tied to the back of their car. #
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