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  • 06:50 Blessed Solstice everyone. #
  • 06:59 @fleela wow. completely understand the no power thing. It's horrible. and why we bought a generator for hurricane season. #
  • 08:51 #oilspill iconic picture : tinyurl.com/37f4vcc #
  • 14:55 @jillmwo if amazon would only respond by dropping its stubborn stance on drm. #
  • 15:20 why are ppl surprised when politicians get violent or nasty when asked questions by the ppl. It isn't as if they work for us. Oh, wait... #
  • 15:34 Read my review of Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen) by Steven Erikson on LibraryThing boo.kz/6k #
  • 17:29 librarything down? #
  • 17:35 @johndalton you've spoiled us, so we now expect it up all the time ;) #
  • 19:52 The City & The City by China Mieville: Del Rey (2010), Paperback, 352 pages bit.ly/cKz8uJ #
  • 21:28 the Tea Partiers here in my part of Florida are just plain nuts. You guys are making this all too complicated. tinyurl.com/29bj69s #
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