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The Military and Politics

I'm still trying to figure out how this is a surprise to anyone.

When I was at the Pentagon, from 1975-1982, there was not a single Democrat the officer corps as a whole supported. The called Jimmy Carter a traitor, and despised the rest of the Dems in Congress almost as much.

The few of us who objected to this sort of thing kept our mouths shut because of the politicization of the force that was happening at the time.  Ditto on the religious aspects which was also becoming a problem.

I remember one General crying in the hallway when Carter won the election.

And now, it is just as bad. It isn't that Obama is black, it is that he is a Democrat.  Worse than Commies for so many in the officer corps now as was true then.

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OTOH, he's pretty much told the top generals that if they don't do what they agreed to, then they can kiss their jobs goodbye.