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;It has not been a good day.

I tried to upgrade the firmware ROM on my ipaq and something went wrong. Horribly, drastically, maddeningly, horribly horribly wrong.

After a half hour spent on active chat with "guru" from HP (geez, do ya think HP has outsourced?), he decided I had to send the iPaq in for service. Great. Just great.

Luckily I am currently reading real books (as opposed to digital ones) so when I send the damn thing off for a week I won't be left out in the cold, so to speak.

I am swearing off checking for software or firmware upgrades for anything that is working okay.

Right. I lie. I know I do. I admit I do.. As opposed to Dubya.....

P.S. Real books are the Vicky Bliss series by Elizabeth Peters. Yes, I've already read Guardian of the Horizon. You had to ask? I am only on the first one of the VB series. I read one of these ages ago and didn't think much of it but as it was partway through the series I figure that was because I had no clue as to what was really going on. This one is pretty cool...