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Republican Warns Bicycle Rentals Will Lead to UN Take-Over

Please, Republican friends, explain to me again why the hell you vote for this Party?????????

The Commies are Coming!



It looks as if Denver has belonged to the Ebil International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives for EIGHT WHOLE YEARS! It's TOO LATE, Mr. Maes, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! While you're gone, people can spend their own money voluntarily to rent bikes when it's convenient, OK? It doesn't look as if anyone's compelling them to do so.
I think he's afraid it'll convert Denverites to rabid vegetarian eco-terrorists or something.
Seriously, is he smoking crack?

Mr. Maes, your village called. Their idiot is missing.
Do you know how many bicycles there are in Communist China? I think he's on to something.

(And by the gods, I hope there is a cure for it!)
wowsers...he's drunk deeply of the tea-party kool-aid hasn't he?!