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Day 6 - 30 Day Book Meme

Favorite book of your favorite series OR your favorite book of all time

Tough call.

I have favorites in quite a few genres, but not sure I have one overall favorite.

Then there's the books I think are the 'best' I've read but might not be my 'favorite'

Well, I'll say my favorite, or at least the book that hit me the most and made me think, and made me read it again, after a lot of years was Gore Vidal's Julian.

I read it in high school or perhaps college first. Then lost track of it, although I remembered it all those years. Finally tracked down another copy once Amazon appeared on the intertubes.

Hard to say why it hit me so hard. I suppose it's because of someone who lived a life threathened on all sides, and still managed to survive.  Only to have his life end in tragedy despite all he wanted to do and accomplish.  I admire the character greatly. 

Whether or not he was wrong, at least he believed and dedicated his life to his beliefs.

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