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Day 9 - 30 Day Book Meme

Day 09 – Best scene ever

Gee... Pretty hard to remember books read some time ago.

I"ll mention two I think of alot.

1.  In Julian May's The Adversary (I'm pretty sure it is that book- the Last of the Pliocene Exile Saga) Marc Remillard, the most hated man in the universe, literally, meets a wandering Russian monk, Brother Anatoly. Anatoly keeps after Marc and there is a scene where Marc, with Brother Anatoly there, finally confronts his two children.  His son despises him, and with good reason. This is more or less Marc's confession and admission, that he's been wrong about a lot of things, but especially about using his children as just protoplasm, more or less, to fuel his dreams.  There is no kneeling and begging forgiveness. No way. But it is despite that, a plea for understanding, rather than actual forgiveness and it is incredibly emotional.

2.  in Elizabeth Peter's Vicky Bliss series, Trojan Gold, when the gentleman thief, Sir John Smythe, battered bruised, and barely able to move, having barely survived an encounter with the bad guy, confesses his love for Vicky. It is hilarious.

Hmmm, Well the scene where they first meet in Street of the Five Moons is pretty funny too. I love them together.

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LOVE Julian May's Pliocene!

I re-read them every few years... (not something I often do)
and love them as much every time.