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Of Books, Gadgets and Ballots

Haven't posted for awhile so here's a few things going on in my life:


I'm now immersed in reading the Malazan the Fallen series. I re-read Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson because the re-read on Tor got me so excited, particularly when Steven himself made comments regarding it.

I tried to read Mistborn, the next book on my TBR pile, but it is no use. My head is in Malazan, so along with the re-read, my second Malazan book is Night of Knives by Ian C Esselmont, which Steven suggested as the better second book to read.


We finished our training, and last night I got an email of the personnel who will be working with me at yet another polling place. Sigh. Vagabond, that's me.  Also, the precinct was a major problem during the primary election, so I got 'elected' to go in and try to straighten it up during this upcoming general election. Lucky me.

Monday begins two weeks of early voting.  Originally I was scheduled to work only 3 days of 6 each week. Well, that lasted a few days, until I got asked to work two additional days the first week. So, I'll be a rare sight around here until after November the 2nd. 


Trying to work on a plan for that. I've decided to write steampunk again, and take one of the minor characters of last year's NaNoWriMo and play with him, since I came to like him so much. Intrigue, gears, steam, spies, and, I think, a New Orleans locale.  Working title: Points in Time and Space


A few months ago I pre-ordered a Cruz Tablet for ebook reading primarily. Then my Sony ereader was acting up and I cannot be without a reader for more than a minute, so I went out and bought a Nook.  The reading on the Nook is great, but it is a bit large with the second screen on it, and it isn't really a touch screen, and you cannot take notes....

So....I canceled the Cruz Tablet and now have on order, scheduled for a delivery on Monday, a new Sony PRS-350.  Lighter, smaller,  brighter, and, it does epubs right.  Dammit B&N for adding your own DRM onto the Adobe DRM.   Reviewers only complaints are that it doesn't have wireless or instant internet, but seriously. All that does is encourage people to buy on impulse. I prefer to add books I want to my LibraryThing wishlist and buy books based on recommendations by readers there, and what sounds great to me.

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Oh Dear....NaNo.

I keep eyeing the calendar and flashing a menacing glance towards Vignette. Maybe I can EDIT 50,000 words in November?

It slinks away like I'm going to take it to the vet.