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The War of Yankee Aggression

From a speech given by a US Senator (I'd provide a link but the Knoxville
News Sentinel is a pain in the but with the registration requirement:

four relevant


paragraphs from the Knoxville News Sentinel article, for those who aren't
able to read the registration-restricted article:

Graham warmed the crowd with a collection of jokes and anecdotes he
acknowledged using for his more than 13 years in politics, many poking fun
at his predecessor, former Sen. Strom Thurmond.

"In theory, I have 50 more years left in the Senate," he quipped.

The University of South Carolina graduate also acknowledged his home state's
reluctance to hold a Lincoln Day Dinner.

"We don't do Lincoln Day Dinners in South Carolina," he said. "It's nothing
personal, but it takes awhile to get over things.

For my non Usan friends, this is a direct dig at Lincoln freeing the slaves.
Ah, the southland. Gotta love it.