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Going a’Roving

As of today, we become the broke owners of a Motor Home.

Not quite yet planning a visit. We’ll have to spend some time setting it up. But hopefully soon.

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Very Nice.
The perfect choice should we ever work on another Vampfest!
Indeed! But then I'd have to drag along the spouse. On second thought, he'd fit right in.
Cool, if this isn't a joke...
No, not a joke. Believe me. When we began transferring money to pay for the thing, we definitely weren't laughing.

Although the price wasn't as horrendous as we'd thought when we began looking. Costs about the same thing as we'd pay for a fancy BMW or Mercedes, or a tricked out SUV.
Huh, really cool then although ouch at the price...so you'll be on tour soon then?
Talking about going out of town on a test run next weekend. But we've got some work to do first, mostly figuring out what we need in the thing. Man, it has a LOT of storage space, for a motor home, which is a good thing, but perhaps too tempting to fill up.
Think of it as an exploration vessel.. you go out empty of all but the essentials, and come back full with the things you've found.

although, I'm pretty sure if you're out boondocking then the essential will probably take up about 90% of the available capacity.