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J&J Adventures 4

Arrived at Jim’s mom’s house about 4pm yesterday. It was a long day. We left the campground about 830 local.

Currently parked in Mom’s yard with only power hooked up and so far so good. Slept well and am attempting eye-opening with help from caffeine. Thank goodness for hot tea!

It was quite cool overnight (high 50s) but will be pushing 90 by this afternoon. No decision yet about taking mom fishing, about when or where or even if.

Jim will look at the dolly his uncle wants to sell, but he may just decide to buy a new one. At first look, it will at least need new tires and it has been damaged before too. So we’ll see on that.

Internet connection is problematic. I did find an app for the droids to connect through the cell phones so we do have some access, but as not certain if that’ll use up a lot of minutes, or not, we’ll use it sparingly.

Anyway, enjoy everyone. We’ll be around…

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