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On my patch on Sarah Ann Bayou has offically begun. Well, cleaning up and
getting ready for it anyway.

Most of my back yard was utterly destroyed by Ivan. I did, and still do,
have a lot of hanging baskets though. During the winter (such as it is here
in Florida) we bring all of them up onto the upstairs porch, which we close
in with indoor/outdoor carpeting on the floor and heavy duty plastic up over
the screen. That way we can sit and eat dinner and lunch and the occasional
breakfast there even when it's quite chilly out since we use a small propane
heater to warm it up a bit. This porch is on the north side of the house
where the worse of the cold wind comes from, but it works quite well for the
plants with the addition of the heater.

At any rate, I've begun moving all the hanging baskets back outside,
trimming up what is alive in them, and burying with full taps the plants
that didn't make it. Since a certain type of impatiens had pretty much
taken over almost all of my hanging baskets (thank you birds, you bums) and
squeezed out most of what had been in there, this is not necessarily a bad
thing. Most of the plants I really wanted to keep did just fine.

I am wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and it is pretty warm at the moment.
Not warm enough to force me to turn on the air and close up the house, but
pretty warm nonetheless, especially as it is humid with a front coming
through (although it doesn't look like it will produce much rain for us).
Altho if the bloody nightjars take up residence in that tree again tonight I
might have to do the desperate thing and close things up for the night

I did buy two plants at the nursery (those new type miniature trailing
petunias - they are pretty drought and heat resistent and did fairly well
here for me last year). Did my first scout through what they had on offer.
Not much as it is still rather early for their serious shipments. I need to
go to town and see what the bigger chain stores have. I prefer buying at our
local nursery as I have far better luck with their plants, but they don't
carry as much of a variety as the big stores like Lowes do.

Anyway, other than writing my little heart out (my co-writer Anne and I have
been churning out love and adventure stories on Ghostletters), that's what's
going on on the Emerald Coast. Jim is still in California, so I am taking
full advantage of my freedom to loaf and piddle and especially write.