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Election Season Already???

For me it is, anyway.  Alas. Today is our first meeting for Supervisor of Election training.  We’ll hear about all the horrible changes our new governor made to make voting more difficult and how we’ll manage to implement the changes so we can train our workers how to deal with irate voters.

One change, the worst one, I think, is that no longer can a voter come in on election day and change his/her residence, even if it is only across the street and vote. Now they have to have come in to the SOE office to change their address beforehand. A LOT of voters are going to be furious and guess who they’ll be furious at. I guess I’d better take tranquilizers so I can keep my cool, eh?

At least their providing us with lunch! 

Also, not sure when our presidential primary will be. Last I heard the Republicans wanted to move it to January which means we’ll be training and having meetings in December!  Ugh.  Let’s hope they moved it back to a more reasonable date.

More when I learn it.

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