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The Emerald Coast

has been invaded by Spring Breakers.

At the moment Auburn rules. But give it a few hours and who knows: Alabama,
LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, etc will be making their presence felt.
FSU and Florida don't count since they're "locals."

Remind me to stay off the roads for the rest of the week.


I think Auburn's the closest to you, isn't it?
Not sure. FSU may be a bit closer time wise since it is all interstate to it.

We consider FSU the local school. Well, everyone except the Gator fans anyway.
FSU's almost 100 miles further from you than Auburn. And don't forget, even the back roads of Alabama run faster than the interstates sometimes. Particularly since they don't have snowbirds driving on them. Particularly the Ontarians, who drive so slowly that the Amish pass them and give them the finger...