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Review: Dissolution by C.J. Sansom

A hunchback lawyer is sent to a small monastery in rural England at the behest of the infamous Thomas Cromwell. A man sent earlier to try to get the monastery to agree to disband has been murdered. Shardlake is sent to find the murderer and find a way to force the dissolution of the monastery, as part of the ‘reforms’ during Henry VIII’s reign.

Shardlake arrives as a believing reformer, never questioning the methods or people Cromwell has doing his bidding. By the time he leaves, his eyes have been opened, the mystery has been solved and Shardlake is unsure of his future, as well of that of England.

Sansom paints the world of Tudor England with a winter colored brush. The misery is apparent as is the fear and confusion amongst the people of the time.

Highly recommended. First of a series.

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I tried at Dreamwidth but couldn't get the openID to work.

I went to the library and got this, based on your recommendation. I liked a lot of it, but almost everything the author said about church bells of the time is somewhere between implausible and flat-out wrong, so that was a distraction, to say the least.
Have you read Hilary Mantel's Cromwell books Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies? (the latter is brand new, so it may not be in libraries yet).
I have not yet read Wolf Hall. But plan to fairly soon. I also really enjoyed S.J. Parris's series beginning with Heresy which you might enjoy.

I can't speak to the bells though..;) I'll take your word for it!