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Day 3–Blast of the Past RV Tour

Our friend Sherri who lives here in NC (Ashville actually) stopped by late morning and we just sat around chatting enjoying the campgrounds.

She left to do some stuff and meet her friend and the two of them came back after dinner to sit in front of Jim’s fire and chat some more. We also met another couple from Florida, further south than us, and they joined us. I crashed around 1030, the rest of them gave it up about 1130.

The dogs had a terrific day. Baylee and Cody both got to chase some mallards (but we wouldn’t let them chase the momma Mallard with her babies), Canada Geese, and a couple of squirrels. Baylee also saw a muskrat swimming along the far bank of the creek. We’d never have noticed him if Baylee hadn’t sat up and began staring at him.

I’ve got a few pictures, which I’ll put up later. At the moment I’m too lazy.  And, after all, I’m on vacation!

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