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Day 18–Blast of the Past RV Tour

Now we’re really going back in time. When we lived up here in Northern Virginia, we lived just up the road from a little town, Occoquan. It’s an artsy community and I love it. And I’ve begun a novel set in Occoquan.  So when Dale suggested we hit the Craft Fair in Occoquan I knew I’d take my camera.

After Occoquan we stopped at Ikea where I bought a couple of things. We’re back at Bill and Dale’s now and Jim will be cooking steaks.

Here are some pictures I got in Occoquan so you can see why I love it:

Rockledge Manor:

Rockledge Manor - Occoquan 

Rockledge Manor 2 - Occoquan



Town  Hall:

Occoquan Town Hall


Occoquan’s Park on the River:

Occoquan Park

Commerce Street:

Occoquan 7

Occoquan 4

Occoquan 3

Occoquan 1

The waterfall:

Occoquan waterfall

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