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Day 22–Blast of the Past RV Tour

Ugh. Thursday was not a good day. Could have been worse, of course, but still. Started out with a fight. Of course. Mom’s been wanting a golf cart to run around in the neighborhood so she can visit with all her relatives. We can’t just buy her one, but just before we were ready to leave North Carolina, I thought of what seemed like the ideal solution: sell her car (which I gave her – it had been my parents’ car) and use the money to buy the golf cart).

We duly presented the solution to mom and she bloody well blew up, furious that we were taking all her things away. We own everything and she has nothing. Throw her out on the street, etc. etc.  Ugh.

She is 83, has dementia and leukemia. No one could remember the last time she’d even driven the car. Her daughters and neighbors take her everywhere.

Anyway, she in a fury, signed the car’s registration (we had added her to the title) and gave it to her brother, who is a car dealer, who said he’d sell it and put the golf cart under her carport that day.  But she yelled at Jim just before we left.

To top things off, we had a long drive to Santee, SC.

More trouble when we stopped to fuel up, Jim couldn’t find his Sams Card. Luckily the guy let him fuel up, as I was already in WalMart shopping for the trip (wine, we needed wine!  and steaks!).

Anyway, we finally got to the campground, in the middle of friggin’ nowheresville, at 4:30pm or so.  Beautiful forest but really the boonies. Not a bad thing, mind, but a surprise that it is this far out.

It is a state park, Poinsett State Park. Very rustic. I expected a bear or an alligator to visit us last night.

Anyway, will have a few pictures soon. We’re staying here for 3 nights before heading further south toward home.

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