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Adventures in Decorating

I've been blogging about all the writing I've been doing with my co-writer Anne of late. Here is the link to the first part of one of the stories, Adventures in Decorating.

This is not the love story, but it does have some sex at the end, and lots of absurd silliness before hand. Hope you all enjoy.


P.S. No complaining about the formatting allowed! We've been driven crazier than we already were trying to get it up at all.


I've decided that, should I ever get the rewrite of Caribbean Chaos done (I should say should I ever start the rewrite of Caribbean Chaos), I'm going to publish to PDFs so I don't have to worry about the formatting. Microsoft Word buggers anything that you try to publish as a web page, and I'm not so sure that they're that easy to read. I found a freeware tool on Hotfiles that'll do it for me!