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Review: The Eight by Katherine Neville

The Game. Played by kings and generals and grand masters.  The game of strategy taking intellect and concentration and dedication to truly understand it.

Catherine hasn’t ever paid much attention to chess, although she knows several competitive players, mainly a young woman she finds annoying.  So when Lily invites her to go to the latest chess match Cat is less than interested.  But then she keeps seeing this man in a white hoodie riding a bicycle, and its disturbing, since she’s been painting the guy for weeks. She finally follows him.  And thus, she enters the Game.

Who are the players? Who’s white, who’s black? What are they after?  What’s the endgame they’re playing for? And why, suddenly, is Cat finding dead bodies strewn around New York?

An exiting thriller, covering a wide canvas in both time and distance. The Game takes Catherine from New York to Algiers, following in the footsteps of a French Nun from 1792,  as she searches for the pieces of a very special chess set,  to find and protect a secret that’s threatened the world since Charlemagne.

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