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E-Reading and E-Readers


I vastly prefer virtual books to dead tree editions. Primarily because I have arthritis in my hands and forcing open a paperback makes my hands ache. Hardbacks are even more difficult for me to read in bed, although they work okay when I’m sitting in a chair.

I’ve had a number of e-readers, being a gadget girl from the get-go. And now I’ve taken the step of getting a tablet to use as an e-reader.  I chose the Nexus 7 which is new, bright and shiny.

Thoughts on using it as an e-reader-

It is noticeably heavier than my Nook with Glo-light. But not so heavy that I can’t read it in bed. It is very very bright but tuning down the brightness lets me read for a goodly long time with no sign of eye-strain or tiredness vs reading on the Nook with e-ink.

The Nook, and the Sony e-reader I also have, obviously go far longer without a charge. The Nexus needs a charge every night/day.

I had some issues with trying to find a good and easy way to add books to the tablet (this was far easier with the e-readers).  Calibre would not see the tablet at all, but I found a solution, by buying a Calibre app in the Google Play store that lets Calibre see the Nexus wirelessly, which is great. I can now sync with either my desktop or my laptop and all I have to do is have it nearby either one.

As for actual reading apps, at the moment I’m using the Sony app from the Google Play store which works great, but I also have others on there, like the kindle app etc. But since calibre can, with some help, convert all my books to epub, I can read with whatever reader I prefer.

Bottom line: with prices dropping for tablets, a tablet as an e-reader works fine in my opinion, so long as it is smaller and lighter than the 10 inch tablets that are out there.