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22. Ragtime in Simla–Barbara Cleverly


The second book in the Joe Sandilands series, set, as was the first, in India, although this time in Simla, the summer capital of the British Raj. Set in 1922, shortly after the war, and with the backdrop of Indian independence just raising its head.

Joe is driving to Simla in a friend’s car. He offers a famous opera star a ride up the mountain, only to have the opera singer shot by a sniper before they can arrive. Joe takes it rather personally and determines to find the sniper and figure out why anyone would lie in wait for an opera singer. Or was he the target?

I loved the locale and the exotic backdrop. Characterizations were quite well developed and the mystery was convoluted enough that even if you figured out a part of it, there was more to the whole of the story to discover, up to the very end.