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So I haven't been updating my journal as much as I might, mainly because
I've been expending my energies writing. We are currently in the midst of a
novel size episode on Ghostletters, called War of the Roses, wherein we have
instigated a vampire vs. magic users war.

Anyone who read Complicated Lives or Adventures, the war involves many (all
+) of those same characters.

And Nimue is back (she'd left Julian just before Adventures, went off
without a word). She's since come back and the L word has been used by the
both of them. Scary indeed. The thought of that combination is enough to
strike terror into the hearts of many people, not to mention there was a
duel over Julian having a brief affair with the Prince and master of France,
Genevieve (while Nimue was gone). So all of that appears to be the stimulus
for the war of aggression being waged on our characters.

There are links on the side on my main journal page for 'Adventures in
Decorating' and for 'Complicated Lives' in case you really want to know more
about what the hell I'm talking about.

We plan to html the Duel, the Masque (at which most probably the bad guys
decided to instigate the war) and of course the War once we get it

Anne and Amanda and I are having a great time writing it. Lots of subplots
too, with characters we haven't used all that much, like Anne's Maggie and
my Trevor (who are currently having a torrid affair) and Amanda is
introducing more fully some newer characters. And Adele and Alex, still
deeply in love, are very much involved as well.

Okay, back your normal everyday lives, without vampires and mages and Ladies
of the Lake. Poor you!


Good! Now I'm up to date...