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9. Polaris - Jack McDevitt

Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider in Space!

Alex and Chase run a small antiquary company on the planet Rimway. Alex has a nose for finding lost or unknown antiquities and Chase pilots their superluminal ship. Between the two of them they’ve got a penchant for getting into trouble, rubbing planetary authorities the wrong way, and sticking their noses in where no one thinks it’s a good idea.

This time, through a series of events, they begin to get interested in the ship Polaris. The ship disappeared for a month or so with a small complement of crew and very well-known passengers.  When the ship was finally found, no one was aboard. This all happened 60 years ago and no one has ever figured out what happened, and Alex doesn’t figure it was some unknown alien who spirited the crew away.

But the more he researches the ship and the lost passengers the more his life and Chase’s suddenly are at risk. But whoever doesn’t want him and Chase looking into it, hasn’t realized how stubborn, and determined either he or his partner are.

A ‘locked room’ mystery. Lots of fun. And the secrets are well worth discovering!